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Enrollment Policy and Tuition

Any student, regardless of race, age, sex, creed, religion, national origin, or cultural background, may enroll in AAMI Bible Institute at any time of year. We have no entrance examination for admission.

Tuition - High School

AAMI High School Tuition: $85.00 per semester course

There is a one time Registration Fee of $40.00 for either the High School Program or the Bible Institute.

If you have previously attended or graduated from high school or college, we will evaluate your transcript for credits earned from prior academic high school courses you have completed. You must send us a copy of your high school transcript within the first 90 days of your enrollment or speak with an advisor to complete your packet.

 Tuition -  Bible Institute

AAMI Bible Institution Tuiton:  $95.00 per semester course.


We accept payment by cash, check, or money order.

Grading Information

A (90-100) = Excellent
B (80-89) = Good
C (70-79) = Below standards
F (69 or below) = Failure
FN = Failure for nonattendance
G = Grade pending
P = Passing
S = Satisfactory
U = Unsatisfactory
I = Incomplete
AU = Audit
W = Withdrew

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CashApp - 667-701-9214
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