AAMI Bible Institute (AAMI), an umbrella Homeschool program sponsored by Another Alternative   Ministries Global Church registered with the Maryland State Department of Education to supervise home instruction for K-12 grade.

 AAMI Requirements for Parents

  • Parent/s should obtain a home school notification form and file it with a homeschooling notification form from your county at least 15 days prior to the start of homeschooling. This form is available upon request from the public school your child is zoned to attend.
  • Mail your application form (with a $20.00 check payable to AAMI Bible Institute).
  • Schedule your intake consultation meeting.
  • Prepare your curriculum material and schedule and your consultation meeting with an administrator.
  • Your curriculum and materials will be reviewed and any recommendations to material will be explained along with possible resources available for your use.
  • The home instruction program must provide regular, thorough instruction and include instruction in Bible, Arts, Language Art, Music, Health, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Physical Education.
  • Parents presenting sound academic plans will be provided with application forms and may enroll their student immediately.
  • AAMI requires parents and students to keep a daily learning log (documenting time spent) as well as portfolios (containing work completed and assessments) on home instruction for each subject.
  • The State requires AAMI to make an annual visit to your home, or your instruction site.
  • A required a mid-year and end-of-year review of both the learning log and the student portfolios.

o    Mid-year Review: To verify progress and provide encouragement (parent and student). This meeting takes place at the end of the first semester.

o   Parents must complete student’s mid-year evaluation forms prior to this meeting.

o   The State of Maryland requires a Year-end Evaluation/Portfolio Review:  this will be completed with the educational consultant and a parent during the last quarter.

o   Items included in the portfolio are:  examples of work done in each subject area, showing progress made. All work will not be reviewed, just samples from throughout the year. Keep copies of tests, final drafts of compositions, summaries of field trips, etc.



  1.  Submit

  2.  (Print from home and mail to 6508 Irwin Way, Elkridge, MD  21075.

  3.  Attend intake consultation meeting

  4.  Submit Homeschooling Notification Forms with City or County

  5.  Complete all Enrollment forms:

    • Home School Program and Course Material Plan
    • Medical History Form
    • Permission Slip Form
    • Mid-year Review Form

   6.  Submit payment to AAMI Bible Institute:  Payment in full required to complete enrollment

   7.  After an agreement is met during the pre-enrollment conference, your student will be enrolled with payment in full.

Resources Available to Student

    Educational Consultation

    After applying and prior to enrollment, the family is entitled to a one-hour consultation meeting.

Field Trips

Students are encouraged to participate in field trips with his/her AAMI class, at no expense. Parents are expected to accompany their students on these occasions.

Chapel Services and Outreach

Homeschooled students and parents are encouraged to review the weekly chapel service provided by AAMI.  These services are available online or via cd. CDs are $1.00 ea.  


Special Events

Occasionally AAMI classes plan special events such as ice skating, picnics or amusement park visits. Students and parents are welcome to accompany the class on such occasions, but must pay the same expenses required of AAMI students.

Application Review
$20.00/student (one time, non refundable)

Annual Tuition
$150.00/student (grades K-8)
(Additional students in the family discounted 25%)


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