AAMI Bible Institute was established in September 2005 by Dr. Grace Roscoe. Within the same month two students registered for classes and embarked upon a journey in Biblical Leadership Training with a disciplined course load. On June 18, 2006, the first graduation was held and these two students received diplomas in Biblical Studies. The institute continues to operate with high Biblical standards.

What We Offer

The AAMI Bible Institute offers 60 credits (20 courses). Students may elect up to four courses per semester. Semesters are eight (8) weeks in duration. Upon completion of the program students receive several diplomas (according to credits) including teaching certification from both AAMI Bible Institute and Evangelical Training Association (ETA).
Students may have already met certain course credit requirements depending upon prior Christian training and experience.

Classes are ONLY ONLINE or CORRESPONDENCE. These classes are designed with the same purpose as face-to-face classes….to instruct the student in adequately preparing for the work of the ministry. Registration is
open enrollment.

Graduation is held annually where students are awarded for their accomplishments of the year.
Please contact us @ 443-413-9193 for further information.

Dr. Grace Roscoe, Dr. Howard Roscoe, Dr. Nellie Hamwright

Faculty & Staff

Rev. Dr. Grace Roscoe, Ph.D., D.Min., Ed.D., M.A., C.Ed.
President, CEO & Professor
Theology, Biblical Studies, & Christian Education

 Dr. Nellie Hamwright, D.Min., M.A., Ed.
Professor, Theology, Biblical Studies, & Christian Education

Rev. Dr. Howard Roscoe, Ed.D.
Professor, Theology & Biblical Studies

Zanaria Roscoe, Executive Assistant

Nahshon Roscoe, Media Assistant

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