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Online Learning

Online learning is one of the hottest learning formats in today’s advancement in technology and learning. As individuals elect to spend less time in a classroom, more are opting to complete their education or advance their careers by enrolling in online classes. At the same time, many organizations and education institutions offer a wide range of courses delivering them with the use of a variety of technologies.

As a another means to motivate and/or assist in obtaining education goals, individuals who have not completed their high school education and desire to do so without sitting in a face-to-face class, can now take advantage of this by taking online classes.

With so many options from which to chose, why not get educated online as many others from all backgrounds and ethnic groups are taking advantage of these options to either change or advance their careers…..all done from the convenience of a computer.

A Great Thing About Online Education

There are many opportunities to take online classes in this era. For instance, some institutions do not have a physical campus, but are virtual institutions (everything online). They hire top level professionals to teach online courses, and administrative staff to coordinate and administer the program. These instructors also have to undergo additional training prior to teaching a course. The administrative and other support staff must also meet the institution’s criteria to provide service in an online capacity.

One of the greatest things about earning an online education along with flexibility is: When you earn your diploma or degree online from a regionally accredited institution you receive the same credentials you would if you took on campus classes. Your transcripts will not indicate whether you received your education in an online or face-to-face environment. Only you, your institution, and those you choose to share your online experience with will know you did all of this while working with a flexible schedule that provided a 24/7 learning environment. This confirms you as being an independent learner. One who enjoys searching for answers motivated by his/her own initiative.

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Some Online High Schools provide courses via PowerPoint benefiting learners

Don’t let technology stand in the way of getting your High School Diploma. A few Online High Schools (AAMI Global) deliver some, if not all, of their courses via PowerPoint a product of Microsoft Office Suites. PowerPoint is a presentation program primarily designed for creating electronic slide shows. According to Chapman (2007), PowerPoint “is the most popular tool on the market for e-learning” (p. 1). It is also the number one presentation builder, used worldwide, that basically everyone knows how to use. Its strengths lie in being able to quickly produce a presentation that is designed to be used in a linear fashion, moving from one slide to the next. Michael McGinnis reports, companies using PowerPoint reap the rewards of online learning without expensive investments (2002, p. 1), thereby eliminating the need for instructional designers. This allows PowerPoint to be basically the one-stop-shop for presentations in the business world, the classroom and online because of the flexibility in meeting the needs of students and the learning styles of both students and instructor/s. It also provides interaction functions both asynchronously (recorded to review later) and synchronous (live environment), and has easy narrative features

Learners also benefit from the use of accessing online asynchronous learning from the use of PowerPoint, especially since most computers are prepackaged with Microsoft Office Suite which includes PowerPoint. Should learners want to upgrade their software package, there are many vendors who offer free trial periods essentially providing users the opportunity to try before buying, (i.e., Microsoft offer a 30-day trail version of its’ entire suite). The update version of PowerPoint 2007 includes a few new features, (i.e., Tags 2007; basics; get started; screen shot; share; slide show; etc.).

With the use of PowerPoint learners have the ease of reviewing class presentations as often as necessary. They can review segments of the class, go to the end of the discussion, or start and stop at any point. They even have the flexibility of multi-tasking while working on assignments.

Technology today is of high caliber and people want to obtain the information as they need it, and exactly when they need it. For those who are either beginning, intermediate or advanced in computer skills, choosing classes where the delivery method is PowerPoint can only enhance computer skills while completing their High School education.


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