Courses & Descriptions

AAMI Ministry Courses 100 Series & Description

MN - 101 - Getting Beyond Our Masks - Discusses the true nature of the heart by using the Sermon on The Mount, highlighting the attitudes of those who will inherit the Kingdom of Heaven.

MN – 102 - Where True Happiness Begins

MN – 103 - Do You Weep Over Sin – Highlights God’s attitude towards sin as well as sheds light on how children of the Heavenly Kingdom are to respond over sin.

MN – 104 - Meekness in the Presence of Sovereignty – In discussion of the Christian’s submissiveness and trusting attitude towards God, thereby looking beyond circumstances and bowing the knee to the sovereign God.

MN – 105 – Meekness – Is It Weakness or Strength? – Compares weakness to strength in the sight of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

MN – 106 - Hungering and Thirsting for Righteousness – Living life in line with God’s divine purpose at any cost in order to live in his righteousness.

MN – 107 - How Can I Be Merciful…Pure? – Discussions center around God’s Mercy in giving His Son to a sin sick world. Mercy – not possessed of pity, but actively compassionate (Arthur, Pg. 160).

MN – 108 - Peacemakers-----But Persecuted – Still studying the Sermon on the Mount while discussing the significance of the persecution a peacemaker will suffer.

MN – 109 - Salt, Light, and You – The Christian is to always be seasoned with the Word of God, never letting light their light dim or diminish.

AAMI Ministry Courses 200 Series

MN – 201 – Why Am I Hurting? – A search of the heart efforts to understand past hurts.

MN – 202 – Run To Your Great Physician – Jehovah-Rapha is our healer. He takes bitter waters and makes it sweet.

MN – 203 – There Is A Balm – Discussion on the Balm the Gilead and the healing that was made available to God’s people.

MN – 204 – Calvary’s Love – Discussions on Jesus’ provision for our wholeness through His love on Calvary and His present ministry of intercession on our behalf sustains us.

MN – 205 – Are You Free to Choose? by His death, burial, and resurrection, He provided our healing.

MN – 206 – God Is In Control, and He Cares – Discussions on the sovereignty of God.

MN – 207 – God Is There – Again, discussions on past hurts were not mistakes – God was there.

MN – 208 – Letting Your Mind Be Renewed – Since we were chosen before the foundation of the world, we must have a renewal of the mind by accepting what was already done for us in light of our salvation.

MN – 209 – Your Mind: The Battlefield - The Battle is in the mind, therefore we are to cast down every imagination that exalts itself against the Word of God and choose to think on the things that measure up to the standard set for you in Philippians 4:8.

MN – 210 – The Battle’s On – Since you are truly in warfare it is imperative to know the enemies strategies and what weapons you are to use – Resist the devil and he will flee from you (James 4:7).

MN – 211 – How Can I Forgive? – Discussions on our expectancy to walk in obedience with the Word of God and forgive one another. God is so awesome and He could use your past to open up a door of ministry for you. Everyone can be healed from past wounds if they come to God on His terms and be willing to be healed His way (Arthur, pg. 273).

MN – 212 – But I’m So Angry! – Discussions on learning to deal with anger in a Godly way.

MN – 213 – The Cure for Bitterness – Discussions centers on allowing the Lord to heal our hurts.

MN – 214 – The Attributes of God – All about God

Bible and Theology - ETA Courses & Textbooks

BT – 101 - Biblical Beliefs - Beliefs presents the fall of man, faith and regeneration, justification and adoption, prayer and worship, angels, Satan, resurrection and judgment, and the church.

BT – 102 - OT Survey 1 explores the exciting times of ancient Israel. It includes topics such as the patriarchs, Israel’s trek to the Promised Land, David’s reign, Solomon’s kingdom, the kingdom of Judah, the exile, and the return from captivity.

Old Testament Survey 2 probes the message of the books of poetry and prophecy, which gives insight into God's dealings with His people. This course relates the great writings of the prophets to us today. It is in chronological sequence to avoid duplication of historical background information.

BT – 103 – The Tabernacle – elements of the Tabernacle in the wilderness are thoroughly examined in their relationship in the life of the believer in modern times.

BT – 104 – New Testament Survey - central theme-the person of Christ. Divisions are the synoptic Gospels, the Gospel of John, the Book of Acts, the Pauline Epistles in chronological order, the General Epistles, and the Book of Revelation.

BT – 105 - The Triune God - covers the individuality of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and the biblical teaching of the Trinity. Topics include the character/work of God; the pre-existence, incarnation, deity, death, resurrection and return of Christ; and the personality and power of the Holy Spirit.

BT 106 – You & Your Bible - this course presents the inspiration and authorship of the Bible, how it was preserved, why we believe it, how we deal with its problems and critics, the role of archaeology, and ways to study the Bible more effectively.

Ministry Skills

MS – 101 - Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity
MS – 102 - Understanding Teaching
MS – 103 - Sunday School Ministries
MS – 104 - Church Educational Ministries
MS – 105 - Teaching Techniques
MS – 106 - Teaching Adults With Confidence
MS – 107 - Teaching Youth With Confidence
MS – 108 - Understanding Music & Worship

Outreach Skills

OS. 201 - Beyond Reasonable Doubt
OS. 202 – Your Ministry of Evangelism
OS. 203 - World Missions Today
OS. 204 - The Truth About Worldviews

Leadership Skills

LDS. 201 - Understanding People
LDS. 202 - Biblical Leadership
LDS. 303 - Effectively Leading
LDS. 204 - Perspectives From Church History
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